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Strangers is a band founded in 2008, consists of three components-Timer (Timer Moraru Cristian) Ecsper (Moraru Robert Gabriel) and John Diamond (Turburas Ionut). Ecsper and Timer The brothers met with John Diamond in the studio recording thereof, and after three more collaborations have outlined a new project band taking birth Strangers The combination of Hip-Hop and RnB three social and cultural themes present in all over the world, wanting to put their mark on industry international music after leaving the communist regime of the country of origin
John Diamond is a singer / producer / sound engineer novel, aged 28 years and is behind several successful musical projects of his country
Ecsper is a rap singer 29 years old, who started his career in 1996 but due to problems with the law continued to run after 9 years in prison in various maximum security prisons in Romania, began with his younger brother perfomerze Timer
Timer is a rap singer 22 years old, with numerous collaborations with music industry people in Romania.'s inspiration comes from sub-urban environment on the streets of the Romanian capital, Bucharest.